Sunday, 12 May 2013

25 facts about me!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been really busy with revision as exams are about to start this week, boo! :-( So I decided to the 25 facts about me tag as I've seen many of my favourite bloggers and youtubers do this tag and it seems like a lot of fun (comment below if you'd like my top ten youtubers post) Enjoy! 

1) I am obsessed with McDonalds
2) I love TV shows like the vampire diaries and gossip girl
3) Lip products are my favourite makeup purchases!
4) I'm in year 11
5) I've been on two TV shows 
6) I do bollywood dancing 
7) I've been to Kenya more than 10 times
8) I love traveling and I have a long list of places I want to visit in the future
9) My birthday is in one months time (June the 10th)
10) I've visited the Taj Mahal
11) I eat at least two packets of crisps a day, oops!
12) I can just about play the piano
13) I HATE Animals
14) My favourite colour is purple
15) I love History 
16) I have a little sister 
17) I only really wear makeup on the weekends
18) I'm probably the only girl that doesn't own a pair of straighteners 
19) Summer is my favourite season
20) The song thats been on repeat recently is Bastille - Pompeii
21) I've seen Dizzie Rascal live
22) Kinder Bueno is the best chocolate ever
23) Blusher is my 2nd favourite makeup purchases
24) Youtube, twitter and Instagram are my obsessions
25)  Harry potter is my all time favourite movie and book series

Hope you enjoyed this 25 facts about me tag and I just want to say a massive good luck to anyone reading this that has exams this month or next! 

Monday, 6 May 2013

My handbag essentials!

Now I'm not one to carry my whole life in my bag, there are days were I don't even take a bag with me and end up putting stuff in my friends bag which can become quite annoying...oops! However when I do decide to take a bag which is normally a small side bag this is what I normally carry - the bare essentials.

The bag that I'm currently using is a simple black side bag from New Look. It has gold circle studs and a small little tassle which I love. It looks quite small but it does carry a fair few things. This bag was only £10 so I can't really complain, I got this around January and its stayed the same quality since then which is quite good seeing as it was only a tenner.


What I carry?

  • My lip product for that day is always in my bag as I always find my self touching up my lips as the miracle 24 hour lip products has yet to be found. The lip gloss I've been in love with recently is my Nars larger than life lip gloss in Viva. I love the consistency of the lip gloss, its not too sticky and it lasts quite good seeing as its only a lip gloss. Its the perfect peachy pink lip gloss for spring/summer. If you want a more detailed review on this product do leave a comment below.
  • Hand sanitizer is another key product in your hand bag, especially if your someone that takes public transport a lot! I do admit I sometimes forget that I have it but its always good for emergencies. I normally like to buy ones that have a fruity scent to it as you'd probably want to use it more seeing as you don't have that horrible scent on your hand the normal ones give off.
  • I've recently been putting my Caudalie beauty elixir in my bag seeing as its been getting hotter so I've been wanting to put something that feels refreshing on the skin and the Caudalie elixir does just that. It also refreshes your makeup and makes it last longer. Some people get irritated by the scent but I absolutely love it, it kind of just energizes my skin! If you want a more detailed review on this product just leave a comment below.
  • I don't really like carrying big perfume bottles as I'm scared they'll break and they take unnecessary space in your handbag. I normally just carry a sample perfume, the one I've put in recently is Miss Dior by Dior. I love this fragrance as its sweet yet sophisticated and the smell lingers on for quite a while. May just have to pick up a full size bottle very soon.
  • Some sort of cream is a must for me. I am prone to dry hands, its quite embarrassing. The L'occitane hand cream in desert rose is one of my favourites. The smell is divine, I have never had a product that smells SO good. Its also not greasy and it keeps my hand moisturized for a longer period than most other hand creams. Again if you want a more detailed review on this product just leave a comment below.
  • Lastly are the quite obvious things one may carry in they're bag. Phone, purse and a mirror. You can't leave your house without these 3 things!
Thanks for reading, what are some of your essentials?

Sunday, 5 May 2013

3 must have skincare products

It was hard for me to narrow it down to only 3 skincare products as there's so many amazing products out there. All three of these products are different to each other but in my opinion are must haves to keep your skin fresh, clear and hydrated. Enjoy! ♡

Origins super spot remover

A good spot treatment that shows quick results is a must have for me. This spot remover by origins does just that. It has a gel like consistency which has a cooling effect on the spot so it doesn't irritate it or give a burning effect. You only need to use the tiniest bit and it'll give next day results. I normally get spots on my forehead because of my fringe, I dab a tiny bit of this every night and every morning when ever I get a spot and by the next day the spot has decreased in redness and gotten much smaller. After a few more dabs of putting it on every night and morning it would have disappeared completely. Don't be put of by the size of the bottle, it is tiny but it lasts forever as you only have to apply the tiniest bit. You can get origins from house of fraser and some bigger boots stores and is around £13.00. I must say it is quite expensive but well worth the price.

Origins Never A Dull Moment 

You may be wondering why I haven't added a face wash, reason being is because if your like me and you have to wake up early and go to school and rather have those few minutes in bed then getting up and using a face wash every morning and night, a face scrub is just what you need! Using a face scrub once or twice a week will remove any excess dirt that your face has attracted during the week and will leave your face looking brighter and cleaner. I'm not saying don't completely forget about your face wash but using a face scrub to make up for those lazy days will do just fine. The origins face scrub is one of my favourites. Its beads are not too harsh so won't irritate the skin or make scrubbing your face feel like a chore, instead the beads rub in nicely giving a massaging effect on the skin. Also by the name you can see it brightens the skin up instantly, it makes my skin feel awake and fresh as soon as I've used it. A bonus is that it smells like peaches! Again the price is more on the expensive side at £24.00 but definitely worth the splurge as it'll last forever and does the job.


La Roche Posay Hydreane Riche

Lastly, a good, hydrating moisturizer is a must for me. I have combination skin during the hotter months so I still a need to use a face moisturizer every morning and night. I've tried many, many different moisturizers and the La Roche Posay one is definitely my favourite. Its hydrating, blends in nicely and its not greasy at all. I can't stand greasy face moisturizers as I feel they just clog up my skin, the La Roche Posay one is far from that. Its also a very good makeup base as after applying this my foundation applies flawlessly. I've also used this in the winter months were my skin is significantly drier and it still keeps my face hydrated through out the whole day which I love. Its also for sensitive skin so it won't make you break out or won't irritate the skin. You can get La Roche Posay from boots and this cream is £11.00 which I think is quite good for the product as its a moisturizer and a makeup base.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Is it really worth it?

We all love to splurge on a high end lipstick time to time but sometimes a good old high street lipstick just does the job and sometimes even better. Mac lipsticks are quite popular if your a beauty lover, however I've found an exact colour dupe and a similar ish formula dupe from a brand that won't damage the pocket. Good old Rimmel.

The Mac colour is called twig and is a Satin finish and the Rimmel one is from the Kate Moss collection and is no.19, the Rimmel one has more of a creamier finish which I personally like more as I find it more moisturizing on the lips. The staying power of both lipsticks are quite similar, they stay on for a few hours before having to do your little touch up. They both have the same pigment as well and only need one or two layers and your good to go.

The biggest different between the two is the price! The Mac lipstick is £14.00 whilst the Rimmel one is only £5.49!!!!! A difference of nearly £10. You could buy two Rimmel lipsticks in the price of one Mac lipstick.

So is it really worth it?